About Jennifer Dines

Welcome to Literacy Change!From Jennifer Dines

Welcome to Literacy Changes Everything!
From Jennifer Dines

Jennifer Dines is a writer as well as veteran teacher of English Language Learners and students with Language-Based Learning Disabilities in the Boston Public Schools. Jennifer currently teaches ESL, bilingual literacy, and reading intervention at the Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School in Boston’s Grove Hall neighborhood.   Jennifer engages students in learning with multi-sensory, arts-integrated lessons that support their language development and knowledge of the world. She especially loves publishing her students’ written work and celebrating their achievement with publishing parties.  Jennifer lives with her husband, David, and her three daughters in Boston’s Roslindale neighborhood.
Licensure, State of Massachusetts
Elementary Education (1-6)
English as a Second Language (PreK-6, 5-12)
English (5-8)
Moderate Disabilities (PreK-8, 5-12)
Reading Specialist (All Levels)
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards English as a New Language Certification
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages – Advanced Speaker of Spanish, Intermediate Writer in Spanish

Honors and Awards 


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