They’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it.


A powerful reason to tell your story. I created this poster this morning using Canva. Speaking of brave storytellers, I have so much respect and admiration for the storytelling and advocacy of the women in The Keepers. Last night, I watched this compelling video from the Johns Hopkins 2018 Moore Center Symposium on Preventing Child Sexual Abuse within Institutions and Organizations. The most infuriating part of this video was seeing how much individuals in organizations that are supposedly working to serve children will often go to any length to protect their own jobs and those of their colleagues or subordinates. I see this “cover up” of mistakes (those not of this caliber) in my own profession as a public school teacher, and it is incredibly stressful and disappointing. As a mandated reporter, I have had to make decisions that made colleagues uncomfortable, but I am of the philosophy that if you see something that harms a child or if a child comes to you with a story, then you must follow protocol to report this immediately to someone who can help that child or at least investigate. And no, knowing these stories is in no way enjoyable, but it is cathartic to share them. I sometimes live with a heavy heart and mind.

Note: I read Hurston’s quotation in Mary Karr’s The Art of Memoir

My First Guerilla Art Piece

Off to put this someplace! Not sure where, but I’m excited! The directions are below if you want to try it.

Mary Karr Makes Me Weep

It was so worth lingering over the last few pages of Lit. I finished her trilogy of memoirs this summer and feel all the better for it. There was healing in those pages.


I am dreading finishing this book. I have spent hours in it for the past two evenings, not to mention sitting on a rock at the playground one afternoon absorbed in this book’s honesty, humor, and wisdom. I counted my three children every couple of pages, just for safety’s sake. When I am done these last 41 pages, what will I find next to take up my time?

Connecting to Judaism Through Picture Books (Even if You’re Not Jewish!)

I’m going through our mail from when we were away, and the most exciting pieces are books from PJ Library. We are lucky to get free books from them every few weeks for all three of my daughters. The books help us to get a little glimpse into Jewish culture and holidays. And honestly the books we have received thus far make Judaism so exciting – from Passover to journeys to Israel, my girls are definitely engaged in each book because they are so celebratory and have great illustrations to boot. This generosity came from connecting with a PJ Library table at the Boston Children’s Museum. It seemed too good to be true at the time – free picture books! – but the books keep on showing up in our mailbox. Mazel to PJ Library for “doing a mitzvah” for our family!

Baltimore to Boston Road Trip Library

Some professional reading, a memoir because I’m on a Mary Karr kick, Lonely City bought from the Baltimore Museum of Art and some books to browse that I picked up from a Little Free Library in my Mom’s neighborhood. Plus I printed out a Wikipedia article on the 7 Deadly Sins for a project my Mom and I are doing. (Music = Pixies!)

Oh, the Places I’ll Make Art

I purchased this gem of a D.I.Y. book yesterday at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore.

After a wonderful “artiful” school year, I am growing back into an artistic identity and exploring ways to make art as much as possible in simple ways.

This book is so full of possibility. Will I seed bomb a neglected lot of Boston? Will I make fortunes to leave in random places? Or should I place found photos in my favorite places?

I look forward to getting in touch with my inner Guerilla Girl. Stay tuned!