Published Work


Schoolyard News, January 2023

How a BPS Reading Specialist Spends Her Fridays

Little Old Lady Comedy, December 2022

Indulge Your Almond Mom This Holiday Season

Memoir Monday First Person Singular, November 2022

My Big Break

Bottomless to Sober, October 2022

Hitting Bottom Through the Body

Current Affairs, July/August 2022

The Quit-Lit Pseudoscience and Faulty Feminism of Women’s Sobriety Memoirs

Rooted in Rights, August 2022

Removing the Stigma of Alcoholism in the Teaching Profession

MATSOL Currents, Spring/Summer 2022, pp. 32-39

Weekly Dictation in the ESL 1 Classroom as an Essential and Culturally Sustaining Spelling Practice

Video Librarian, August 2022

The Sound of Metal and Its Impact on Teaching Deaf Youth

Grub Street Blog, June 2022

How the Essay Incubator Transformed My Writing and Reshaped My Life

Retrofied, Issue #6 April 2022 – To see the rest, a digital download of the issue is available for $6.

Reading Contest Revenge 1989


Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

WBUR Cognoscenti, January 2022

My students deserve better than homelessness

Retrofied, Issue #5 January 2022 – To see the rest, a digital download of the issue is available for $6.

When The Nights Belonged to Nick at Nite

Insider, November 2021

My Husband and I Get Up at 4 a.m. To Spend Time Together

Retrofied Issue #4, October 2021  – To see the rest, a digital download of the issue is available for $6.

Don’t Call It A Comeback: My 90s Style Keeps Calling, But I Can’t Quite Make It to the Phone

Motherwell, October 2021

Starting the School Year Sober

Burning Jade, Issue No. 1

#WhiteButWoke Work Week Social Media Challenge

Variety Pack, Issue No. 2


Apricity, Issue No. 5

Twenty-Four Hours in San Juan
High Shelf Press, Issue No. XVII
Trauma World Park – “We Make the Tragic”


Boston Preservation Alliance

The Pleasant Cafe


Toho Journal, Spring/Summer 2021



Corwin Connects Blog Posts

School as Sanctuary
Strengthening Oral Language Skills for ESLs
Connecting Stewardship to Restorative Justice
Amplifying Student Voice
Arts Integration

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Blog Posts

Connecting with other NBCTs provides the support that Teacher Leaders Need
The Power of Community and Storytelling
Addressing the Needs of Students with Limited and Interrupted Formal Education
Guiding Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Families through the IEP Process
A Call for Peace-Based Teacher Leadership
The Reasons Why I Blog
A Gift for Teacher Appreciation Week in the Form of Two Questions
Reflecting on Teacher Leadership Through a Lens of Stewardship
From Isolation to Collaboration via National Board Certification
Developing Specialized Knowledge by Pushing Myself as a Reader
Talking Back to Silence: My Pledge to Speak on Community Violence
No Decision About Me Without Me: Honoring the Aspirations of Our African-American Males Through the Special Education Process

Writing Is Thinking Blog Posts (Selected)

Nerds Rule! Creating 8 Page ‘Zines with 5th Grade Students
Internalizing the Writing Process: The Planning Phase
Internalizing the Writing Process: Organizing and Writing
Internalizing the Writing Process: Editing, Revising, and Rewriting (and Publishing Parties!)
Book Review: Teaching Spelling to English Language Learners
Analysis of ELL Writing Calls for Spelling Intervention
Book Review: How to Write a Sentence and How to Read One